Team projects + GPT agents

Get 10x done with AI

Thunk.AI does work for you

while you guide, review, and approve

Drives projects

start to finish

Your AI is aware of your project goals, does detailed planning, automates task creation, coordinates work in your teams and maintains execution state.


project data

Your AI collects and organizes data, synthesizes and generates content, searches and reads the web and files, processes and creates messages.


work context

Your AI is transparent, controllable, and steerable, enforces organizational policies and tailors work to your preferences.

Each “thunk” is a project run by your AI agent


Your Thunk begins with a goal, such as “Hire a Sales Lead”!

Plans for your goal

Your AI uses the goal to plan simple or complex plans and determine the structure of data that has to be maintained.

Automates plan execution

Your AI automates task creation and task completion, and can control the assignment and monitoring of tasks across your team.

Does & records work for you

Your AI can collect, manage & synthesize information & assist in decision making. You can control how much work your AI does for you.

Reacts to change

Your AI can react to incoming messages and changes in project data. It can validate all work and auto-compute AI formulas on your behalf.

Your AI agent uses GPT on your behalf

Your AI talks to GPT for you

You don’t need to engage with ChatGPT at all. No prompt engineering, manual effort, or copy pasting back-and-forth.Your AI does it for you.

Your AI runs projects in your work context

Your AI knows your project goals. It uses GPT at the right time in the right way. It can read the web and your files to provide the necessary context for the work at hand.

Your AI works continuously

So you don’t have to! You can focus on your high-value high-skill activity while your AI does many tasks in the background for you.

Accelerate all your projects with AI

Create blog posts

Process support tickets

Manage my todo list

Track a sales funnel

Hire a UX designer

Who woulda thunk it?